As the summer is about to start, we all start making our vacation plans. So, in this article, we will take a look at Turkey COVID 19 precautions for summer. How is Turkey taking measures against the Covid-19 virus? Let’s take a look together at the overall situation in Turkey.

With the COVID-19 virus that started in 2020 and still affects the world, most of us have stayed away from some of the things we love. First of all, we have stayed away from the people we love. Our families, our friends and our colleagues. Aside from this, we couldn’t travel inside or outside of our country. We couldn’t even leave our houses let alone travel to another country, right? 

Nowadays, we all know that we can’t travel like we used to travel. Therefore, we need to be careful about COVID-19 now and carry our hand sanitizers everywhere we go. So what about travel to Turkey? Is Turkey safe to visit? What are the Turkey Covid 19 Precautions?

Turkey Covid 19 Precautions 

Like all other countries, Turkey is taking Covid-19 precautions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Although vaccination has begun in Turkey as in every country, Covid-19 pandemic has not yet been fully brought under control. 

The country is announcing lockdowns to control pandemic. Right now, the lockdown starts at 9 PM and lasts at 5 AM on the weekdays. Turkey is applying full lockdown on the weekends. However, the country can change the situation of the current lockdowns according to Covid-19 cases. 

Other than the lockdowns, the public should follow the Turkey Covid 19 Precautions written below. 

  • Everyone has to wear a mask at all times outside their homes. It is mandatory to wear a mask. There is a fine for the people who do not abide by mask restrictions. 
  • Everyone has to request a HES CODE. This code will be required when traveling (domestic/international) and checking into hotels, camps, etc. 
  • Smoking in open areas is banned. 

Those are the main Turkey Covid 19 Precautions you should follow in Turkey. Besides, Turkish Government is applying a four-tier system according to risk groups. Considering the infected cases and vaccination rates, we can see the provinces are divided into 4 different risk groups. You can see the COVID-19 risk map here: 

The risk groups are represented as colours: red (very high), orange (high), yellow (medium) and blue (low).  You can always follow the updated cases in Turkey at the link given above. Check the other rules here

Turkey Covid 19 Precautions For Tourists

Turkey is among developed countries in the means of tourism and the country has been hosting tourists from everywhere every year. As in all the world, tourism in Turkey has decreased compared to last year because of the Covid-19 virus. Turkish Government has been raising the awareness of the public and taking Turkey Covid 19 Precautions for the pandemic, and the country is expecting to control the cases until summer. 

The lockdowns in Turkey do not apply for foreign tourists. In addition to that, tourists do not have to request a HES CODE. However, foreign tourists must request a PCR test before they come to Turkey. Passengers who arrive in Turkey must submit a negative PCR test as of December 30,2020. The PCR test must have been taken within 72 hours before arrival to Turkey. To see all Turkey Covid 19 Precautions For Tourists click here.

Is Turkey Safe To Travel?

Turkey takes necessary measures to Covid-19 virus. Turkish citizens have begun to be vaccinated. But the number of cases varies every day. Whether you are here for a summer vacation or a friend/family visit, you should follow the hygiene and Turkey Covid 19 Precautions.

You can follow the COVID 19 cases of Turkey and plan your vacation according to the situation of the country. In the summer, you can consider renting a private villa in Turkey to stay away from the crowd. So you can spend a wonderful holiday with your family or friends. In addition, we recommend that you use Private Car Hire Services to stay away from public transportation.

As May Visit, we are always here for your questions and requests. For more information about Turkey Covid 19 Precautions for Summer please contact with us.