Turkey is full of wonders and the country is offering the best summer destinations for those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea at the same time.You will enjoy every second of your holiday with the popular summer vacation spots in Turkey. Surrounded by sea on three sides, Turkey is a heaven for the vacationers. 

In the south side of Turkey, the Mediterranean sea is welcoming you with its deep blue colour. Turkey’s west side is surrounded by the Aegean Sea. In addition to these, the Black Sea is located in the north side of Turkey. With all of the three sea sides, it is not surprising that the country is a tourism center. Although the most popular summer vacation spots in Turkey are located on the south and west side, you can still visit the north side. 

Summer is good. Summer is fun. Summer is waiting for us with its beaches and cold lemonades. But, how will we travel under the COVID-19 reality? Is Turkey safe to visit? Well, you can check TURKEY COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS FOR SUMMER article to learn the answers of your questions. 

So without further ado, let’s check the 8 most popular summer vacation spots in Turkey.

FETHIYE – Award Winning Beauty

popular summer vacation spots in Turkey fethiye

Fethiye is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Beside its warm and blue sea, Fethiye is a historical center. You will be amazed by its ancient ruins and colorful streets. As one of the popular summer vacation spots in Turkey, Fethiye is offering different kinds of activities for its vacationers. You can either enjoy the beautiful bays or go to the top of adrenaline with nature sports such as paragliding and bungee jumping.

NOTE: Oludeniz, a beach resort in Fethiye, was chosen as the best beach in the world in recent years. We highly recommend you to visit Oludeniz and Butterfly Valley. Check here to book your hotel or rent a private villa in Fethiye right now!

KAS – Dive Into The Paradise

kas turkey

Kas is reflecting the 50 shades of turquoise with its magnificent bays. You can enjoy the deep blue sea and sunbath in its gold beaches. Other than the bays, Kas is the best diving area of Turkey. Don’t miss the chance to swim with colorful fish and sea turtles thanks to Kas’s unspoiled ecosystem.You can even see a ship sunk under the sea! Besides the ship, there is a sunken tank and an underwater valley. Diving is not the only activity that puts Kas into the popular summer vacation spots in Turkey. You can enjoy its nightlife or walk into its colorful streets. 

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CUNDA ISLAND – Enjoy The Island Life

cunda island turkey

Cunda Island, Turkey’s 4th largest island in the Aegean Sea, awaits you for this summer! Cunda Island, one of the most popular summer vacation spots in Turkey, is the number one address for those who want an island holiday. The island has colorful narrow streets and stone houses. You can visit the Historical Windmills, go to the Hill of Lovers and enjoy the view with your partner.

BODRUM – Nightlife Mood: ON

Bodrum is maybe the most popular vacation spot in Turkey. The holiday area is famous for its beaches and nightlife. You can join a boat tour to explore the greenest bays and swim in the middle of the sea. Bodrum also has a historical background. You can visit Bodrum Castle and historical sites. 

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MARMARIS – All In One Holidaymarmaris turkey

Marmaris is one of Turkey’s most important tourism centers. Every year, thousands of local and foreign vacationers are coming to this holiday destination. With its natural beauties and magnificent view, Marmaris is a candidate to be in your holiday rotation. You won’t want your holiday to end with water and nature sports, boat tours and pine forests. All kinds of different activities are waiting for you! Contact for information about accommodation in Marmaris which is one the popular summer vacation spots in Turkey.

ALACATI – Best for Windsurfing 

alacati turkey

Famous for its historical stone houses and boutique hotels, Alacati is waiting for its visitors. Alacati is famous for its beaches suitable for windsurfing as the area gets wind 360 days a year. In addition, a Herb Festival is held every year to promote the herbs grown in the area. You can spend your holiday by doing water sports or visiting colorful festivals. Please contact us for the price information of Alacati boutique hotels.

KEMER – Ancient Cities

Kemer district of Antalya, one of the popular summer vacation spots in Turkey, has a long history.  According to the researches, the establishment of Kemer dates back to 690 BC. Along with the long history, Kemer offers beautiful bays, natural beauties, clean deep blue sea and big marinas. During your holiday in Kemer, you can swim, enjoy the sun and have plenty of rest. Besides, you can discover the history of the region and have a holiday full of activities. If you are a little interested in history, there are many ancient cities waiting to be discovered in the region.

 DATCA – Relaxing Vacation

popular summer vacation spots in Turkey datca

If you want to have a quiet holiday by the sea, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Datca is just right for you. You may not find night clubs in Datca, but you can spend a quiet evening in restaurants that serve delicious food. Offering many accommodation options such as small boutique hotels, camping areas, bungalow houses and cute rental villas, Datca invites you to a quiet holiday.

You have read our 8 Most Popular Summer Vacation Spots In Turkey blog. Do not forget that there are still many locations to visit in Turkey. Do not forget to follow us to be aware of all these locations and to benefit from booking discounts. Create your travel plan now by contacting MAYVISIT team. With our Private Car Hire Turkey service, you can spend a Covid Free holiday away from the crowd.